Monday, January 20, 2014

Pizzeria Oke is OK

It's pretty hard finding restaurants to fit 18+ students in remotely the same eating area. Pizzeria Oke (Dorsoduro 1414VeniceItaly) seemed like a great place with a large eating area and modern like pizzeria feel. Right on the zattere, a short walk from Casa Artom, everyone was hungry and excited to eat at a place we heard had really good pizza. If you didn't know before, Italian pizza, at least in Venice is very thin crusted with minimal sauce.

 My pizza had arugula, walnuts and pesto. The toppings were not cooked down and were so heavy I had to fold each slice into a burrito to keep everything together!

And no, I wasn't the only one who ate my whole pizza.

Although the pizza was delicious, there were some things that we were not so happy about. In Italy, there is a "coperto" or cover charge which includes the place setting, table, and service. It is usually a flat fee per person at sit down restaurants. If a waiter tells you that tip is not included, this is not correct, especially if the the coperto charge is written on the menu. Also, they do not like to split bills separately, so that meant that 10 of us had to pull out our change and pay our coperto charge. But, this restaurant had both a coperto and a service charge and the waiter insisted we pay both. A lot of times waiters take advantage of Americans because we are so used to tipping, but we had already learned about the coperto so were very frustrated.

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