Monday, January 20, 2014

First Weekend!

It was our first weekend in Venice, and we all went out to the bars after getting pizza. This was a new experience to me seeing that the closest thing I've been to a bar is Last Resort, or that one time I walked into the Men's Bar at the MAC when I was in middle school looking for my parents and they shooed me away forcing me to wander like a lost duckling all over the club.

We came back to the house for a bit and played some cards. Spoons, Presidents, and Cheers (Salute!) to the Governor. You know that cliche saying that wine is cheaper than water here? It is true. You can get a whole bottle of wine for less than a small bottle of water which usually runs at least 2 euros.
We took a group selfie before heading out.

There are even water police and ambulances in the small canals!

We met some cool Peruvian girls who spoke English, Spanish and Italian. They showed us around Campo San Margherita (where the Venetian students hang out) and helped ward off the pesky rose sellers by yelling, "siamo allergici alle rose!" (we are allergic to roses!)

Many of us bought our first drinks at a bar.

 Later on we even made it to Piazza San Marco. We were the only ones there and with the lights on looking out at the empty plaza was amazing and so different from the daytime crowds of tourists.

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