Friday, April 25, 2014

A different view of Venice

As I am entering my last week in Venice, I can’t help but to think how lucky I am. With all the studying and traveling this semester, I began to take for granted what a beautiful city Venice is. My weekly trips to the grocery store, and even my daily runs began to become to routine, I began to be more annoyed with all the tourists than amazed at the sights around me. One of my favorite views of Venice is from the water. Whether I am crossing a bridge across the Grand Canal or taking a vaporetto, the view is so much different than anything you will see when walking the streets. At night, the lights reflecting on the water are unreal, and I can’t help but think, my life is a postcard and this semester I have been living a dream that many only see on the Travel Channel.

The Grand Canal

The Accademia Bridge

Casa Artom

A gondelier on the Grand Canal