Sunday, January 19, 2014

Banana nutmeg pancakes with dark chocolate chunks

I've been craving "real" breakfast food like pancakes and eggs. I'm not really a pastry and coffee person and breakfast is definitely my favorite meal. I bought some whole wheat flour and added one egg, some plain yogurt, half a banana and some brown sugar the first time. They were tasty but a little flat. I'm so used to using bisquick and I couldn't find the baking soda! I found these little packets of what I thought were yeast and I tried it out. It looked like a mixture between powdered sugar and baking soda and had a vanilla scent. But it worked!

I added some chunks of bitter chocolate this time with bananas and cinnamon on top.
Good thing I'm not a maple syrup person because there is no such thing in Italy! I will continue to experiment with pancake flavors, especially if I can find the canned pumpkin for a pumpkin ricotta pancake. Mmmmm.

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