Sunday, January 12, 2014

I've arrived! PDX to ATL to CDG to VCE!

The trip started off a little rough, having to get to the airport to catch a 6am flight. Pulled an all nighter and apparently the Delta check-in doesn't open until 4am despite them telling me to get there 3 hours before my flight.

Then I said my goodbyes and went through oh so crowded security line with the 5 other people who were up early to take a Saturday morning flight. I got to my gate which was literally at the very end of the terminal. Probably the farthest possible you can even walk in the Portland airport. Started reading the Luminaries, about gold mining in New Zealand.

Took a necessary picture or the PDX carpet...

Too rainy in Portland to get a good wing picture.

I have to say I'm pretty impressed with international flights. The international terminal in Atlanta has a chandelier. A chandelier! as you come up the escalator as well as a full blown mall of duty free shopping and restaurants. I also got some actual food on this eight hour flight. Some rigatoni with a roll, salad, crackers, cheese and a cinnamon brownie thing. For breakfast I had an egg mcmuffin (probably not actually from McDonalds. or maybe.) and a banana and some tea. Burned my tongue on said tea.

Typical back of the seat kicking from a little brat behind me, kids crying, parents yelling. Except everything in French. Watched We're the Millers. Watched part of Life as We Know It before nodding off and waking up at the end. (The only sleep I got.) Watched part of Puss in Boots before it was suddenly shut off as we were descending, right as they were about to plant the magic beans (sorry if I gave that away.)

Prettiest sunrise. Like the rainbow gradient I used to make the background of my powerpoints in middle school. The picture on my iPod doesn't do it justice. This is a better example...

Oh, and Paris. Even the bathrooms were fancy with floor to ceiling mirrors and glass doors. The restaurants and eating area looked like i was at a 5 star hotel. I've never been to a 5 star hotel but that's what I imagine one to look like. On the plane, no peanuts or pretzels. Instead I got my pick of a pastry. I chose an apple tart and some hot chocolate. Again, burned myself on said hot chocolate despite trying to cool it off.

Then sitting waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive in Venice. Watching clones of my Communications T.A. walk past, trying not to nod off.

Took a water taxi to the house with nine other Wake students. Our luggage barely fit, but we made it work. It was pretty foggy coming in, so not the best for picture taking, but there will be plenty more opportunities.

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