Thursday, January 16, 2014

A brief tour of the house!

Arriving to the house via water taxi. The view from the canal.

A close up of the Wake Forest crest, yep, it's ours!

The main floor hallway as you walk in the front door from the street.

A picture taken of the bedroom when we were all unpacking! It's much neater now, I promise :) I am rooming with two other girls, Anna and Madeline! I think we got the biggest room, but the least amount of wardrobes!

Our classroom. Small desks and uncomfortable chairs...

Probably because this is the view from the window in the classroom.

Upstairs patio outside. Hopefully we will spend more time here once it stops drizzling!

The view from the window upstairs in the TV room. No filter needed.

Cozy eating area.

Where I'll be spending most of my time!

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