Thursday, August 28, 2014

A review on European Croissants

Gino's (Venice): 1.20
With its close proximity to Casa Artom, Gino's was the first place I got a croissant. This one came with a surprise inside. What I thought was a little strip of honey ended up being some apricot jam, not bad but I was not expecting it at all. Very sweet and flaky on top, not as moist as I would like on inside.

Rosa Salva (Venice): I was told the chocolate croissants here are the best. I ran here today...during a thunderstorm and was disappointed. This was the most expensive croissant, at 1.40. It was very dry and the only thing saving it was the chocolate cream which reminded me of the chocolate fritelles from Tonolo.

(Rome) 1.50-- Forgot the name of the place, but it was a Nutella croissant. Giant croissant with a ton of Nutella. Delicious and soft with an orange hint to it.
In our hostel in Rome we got packaged croissants with cream or chocolate. They looked really weird and again an orange hint to it, but were surprisingly pretty good. Soft and spongy, good for a packaged baked good.

Fuori (Venice): €1
Probably the best croissant I've had in Venice. I have gotten their chocolate one and blueberry jam. They have a very flaky outer crunch to them.

Le Grenier à Pain (website) (Paris)
Address: 38 Rue des Abbesses, 75018 Paris, France
Of course Paris had the best croissant, no questions asked. I am adding all the details for this one because it was THE BEST and cheapest coming in at only 1. It was flaky and buttery and everything you could ask for in a croissant.

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