Friday, May 2, 2014

The Girl Next Door: Peggy Guggenheim

So despite being right next door, I waited until the last day of classes to finally make my way inside the Guggenheim. Maybe it was because it was so close, I knew it would always be there. Maybe because once the weather turned nice, all its visitors blocked my way back home. Maybe because I'm not an art person.

I am glad that I finally decided to go inside. It was not the nicest day, in the middle of the week, meaning there was no line, and only a small crowd of school children.
Relatively new, it is one of Europe's most prestigious modern art museums.

Peggy Guggenheim inherited a fortune from her late father who was on the sinking Titanic. She lived in Venice for most of her life collecting art pieces, and commissioned the last privately owned gondola. She became somewhat of a celebrity in Venice, having 11 dogs, and known for sunbathing naked on her roof.

Her ashes are buried in the garden next to the graves of her "babies" aka dogs.

One of the several Picasso's!

This is supposedly a view from the Eiffel tower. I guess it's pretty similar...?

An incredibly detailed view of the grand canal complete with gondoliers.

Jim and I found Casa Artom!!

This was my favorite piece. Like a spoon which flips your image, something to do with optics which I can't really explain. As you walk forward your image becomes 3D and eventually flips back upright.

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