Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Island of Malta

Not one of the places I thought I would ever end up, and to be honest I thought Malta was part of Italy and may or may not have gotten it confused with Sicily before. Malta is its own country, heavily influenced by the UK. That means English is one of its official languages and is a popular destination for European teenagers to learn language. Our taxi driver gave us 3 reasons why Malta is such a popular destination for people our age learning English. 1. The nightlife is good. We were staying in Paceville which is the heart of the club and bar scene in Malta. Almost a ghost town during the day, starting after dinner time, the streets become crowded with young people made up for a night on the town. Midnight seemed to be when most places were just starting to get crowded and noise could be heard from our apartment until 6am. 2. English is the Maltese people’s second language, which means they talk a lot slower and more direct than other English speaking countries. It is easier to learn here rather than a place like England which has its own slang, accent, and dialect. 3. The weather. While we happened to come on a weekend that wasn’t the sunniest, Malta’s weather is never “bad.” Although it was cloudy with a high of 59, the low dropped only to 55, even at night. In the summer months there are bustling beaches, clear, blue water, and rays for tanning.
Got the exit row on the way there!

Date Pie

The Azure Window, G

Ramla Bay

Malta had everything: a city with department stores, cars, buses and restaurants. Ancient ruin like structures and stone buildings and churches. Natural rock formations, clear water, and sandy beaches. Palm trees, grassy fields and hills.

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